Transforming Construction

Sam Stacey, Challenge Director, Transforming Construction, UKRI

Sam Stacey, Challenge Director, Transforming Construction, UKRI

Construction is changing.

Four years of investment through the Transforming Construction Challenge has helped the system move away from building to the lowest cost. Now we are embedding whole-life value from the start, so our buildings are healthier, more sustainable, and meet the needs of those that use them.

We now have all we need to accelerate adoption of these innovations.

We want to help you – the clients, consultants, contractors, suppliers, and procurement teams working in the sector – commit to using manufacturing approaches, robotic technology, digital and data-driven processes, and active energy solutions. If we can do this, then together we can benefit from a pipeline of contracts worth £25 billion over the next few years.

To help make change easier, we’ve brought together over 90 stories of our most successful projects.

We ask you to use these stories for inspiration and so you can learn how it is possible to transform the way we build. Read them in full or just select the elements that are most useful to you. Search for common challenges or shared goals. Treat them as story building blocks that you can select, share, or amplify to bring others with you on a journey of change.

Most importantly, let them give you the confidence that change is not only possible, but that change is happening now.

Watch our own story of transformation...